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Solar PV systems for homes

• How much can I save?
Fitting a Solar PV system to your home will reduce your electricity bills for at least 25 years and provide a generous tax free income for the next 20 years.

For domestic customers the income from a Solar PV system is tax free which means you can consider a Solar PV system as one of the best investments you can make. Typically a domestic system installed by us will provide energy savings and Feed in Tariff payments worth about £700 a year for a system costing about £5750 giving a tax free return of about 12% per annum. When compared to a tax free ISA savings account paying only 21/2 % the Solar PV system represents a fantastic investment.

Not only are the Feed in Tariff payments tax free but they are also linked to the Retail Prices Index RPI so they will increase every year with inflation. The electricity savings are linked to the price of electricity so as electricity prices increase so do your savings.

• Free energy for 25 years?
Free energy for the next 25 years seems great but how is it possible?
If your annual cost of gas and electricity is about £900 then consider installing a Solar PV that will save electricity and provide cash back payments worth about £900 per annum. As these savings and cash back payments are linked to the cost of electricity and to the retail prices index it is likely that the savings and income will pay for both your gas and electricity every year for the next 25 years.

• Where next?
The solar panels can be located facing West, South or East. As most of the electricity is produced between mid morning and late afternoon the panels need to be generally shade free during this part of the day. Panels can be fitted on house roofs, garage roofs, free standing frames, walls and pretty much anywhere that’s sunny. Even in a less than ideal location a Solar PV system can easily provide a substantial amount of energy saving you money on your electricity bill and allowing you to benefit from the clean energy cash back. A system installed in an ideal location generally pays for itself in about 8 years giving you free energy and cash back over the next 17 years.

South West Free Energy offer a free energy assessment where we can consider all the options and provide you with an estimate of the energy saved and clean energy cash. Call us to arrange a free energy assessment and see how much you can save.

• Consumer Protection
South West Free Energy are members of the REAL Assurance Scheme. We operate in accordance with the REAL Assurance Scheme Consumer Code which is backed by the Office of Fair Trading. The REAL Assurance Scheme offers domestic customers the peace of mind when purchasing renewable energy products such as Solar PV. Members have to work to strict guidelines from initial quotation right through to system completion. This includes accurate performance estimates, protection of deposits paid and methods of working.

• Building Regulations
South West Free Energy are approved for electrical works and the installation of Solar PV system in domestic premises by the National Association of Professional Inspectors and Testers. We are able to self certify electrical works to the Local Authority Building Control as the business owner, Simon Herbert, is registered under the Competent Person Scheme. He is a Chartered Electrical Engineer with over 30 years experience in electrical building services.

• Microgeneration Certification Scheme.
South West Free Energy are MCS approved installers of solar PV systems. This means we only install MCS approved products and install to a strict standard. Only systems installed by MCS approved installers qualify for the clean energy cash back scheme.
Clean energy cash back or Feed in Tariff.
The clean energy cash back or Feed-in Tariffs (FITs) as it is sometimes known became available in all areas of the UK except Northern Ireland in April 2010.
Solar PV systems for homes
Fitting a Solar PV system to your home will reduce your electricity bills and provide a generous tax free income for the next 25 years.
South West Free Energy offer Solar PV systems to both domestic and business customers in the Devon, serving Plymouth, Exeter and surrounding areas
Solar PV systems for business
For business customers the income from a Solar PV system is treated as taxable income
About South West Free Energy
South West Free Energy offer Solar PV systems to both domestic and business customers in the South West
Not to be confused
Not to be confused with Solar Thermal panels which produce hot water Electric Solar Panels or Solar Photo-Voltaic (PV) panels as they should be called generate electricity when exposed to sunlight.
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